Popular Bookstore – New Sale Promo June 26, 2017

Have you spotted something new with exclusive supreme prices at BookFest @ Malaysia 2017? That’s right! You can save up to 50% on these items with your BookFest @ Malaysia’s purchase as low as RM60! There’s more! Exclusive items of books, CD, Gadgets & IT, and titbits are available at WOW prices are available too! So where to find us if you missed it? Spot these locations – Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 4 & Foyer @ Level 3 at KLCC.

你在第十二届海外华文书市发现前所未有的独家优惠价了吗?没错, 只要你在书市消费至少六十令吉,购买这些产品就能让你节省高达50%!此外,还有更多书籍`影音产品`多媒体产品以及休闲食品也以令人惊叹”WOW”的价钱出售!到以下地点来寻找我们吧!就在KLCC第一、第二、第四展览厅及三楼文娱馆大厅。

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